Beginning in January 2009, the State of Washington implemented an electronic recycling program called E-Cycle Washington. The program accepts televisions, CPUs (computer towers), laptops, monitors, e-readers, portable DVD players, and more. (Please note that printers, mice, and keyboards may not be accepted through this program.) Why did the state implement this program? Electronics contain many valuable components. However, some of these are toxic, and others require the extraction of toxic materials to get to them. Those electronics that end up in landfills pose a threat to the environment. Other electronics end up in developing countries where local workers attempt to extract the valuable materials. However, without adequate protection in these countries - legal or otherwise - many people involved in the extraction process are exposed to hazardous compounds. E-Cycle Washington as a program protects both the environment and people.


As of June 2015, the E-Cycle Washington program had recycled over 270 million pounds of electronic waste. How much is that? If it were loaded on semi-trucks, it would take over 5,625 to haul all of that waste away!


The following locations in Benton County participate in the E-Cycle Washington program. While other locations may accept electronic waste, these are the ones that have registered with the state Department of Ecology and guarantee free recycling. (It may be prudent to physically destroy a hard drive that has held personal data on it before recycling the corresponding device, even if you performed a factory reset. This can be achieved by removing the hard drive and pounding a couple of nails through it. Please take applicable safety precautions if adopting this course of action.)

  • Clayton Ward Recycling Center, 119 E Albany Ave, Kennewick, 99336 (509-582-8277)
  • Clayton Ward Recycling Center. 1936 Saint St, Richland, 99354 (509-375-4086)
  • Stay Tan West, 3680 W Van Giesen St, West Richland, 99353 (509-943-4181)
  • Horn Rapids Sanitary Landfill, 3120 Twin Bridges Rd, Richland, 99352 (509-942-7498)
  • Goodwill
        -Fred Meyer, Corner of 10th Ave and SR-395, Kennewick, 99336 (509-735-7238)
        -Columbia Center Mall Detention Center, 100 Columbia Center Blvd, Kennewick, 99336 (509-735-7238)
        -Albertsons Donation Center, 140 W Gage Blvd, Richland, 99352 (509-735-7238)
        -Richland Walmart Donation Center, 2801 Duportail St, Richland, 99352 (509-735-7238)
        -Kennewick Store, 2905 W Kennewick Ave, Kennewick, 99336 (509-735-7238)
        -7-Eleven Donation Center, 2411 George Washington Way, Richland, 99352 (509-735-2014)
        -Plaza Donation Center, 4034 W Van Giesen St, Richland, 99352 (509-735-2014)
        -Westgate Shopping Center Donation Center, 2185 Van Giesen St, Richland, 99352 (509-735-7238)
        -Kennewick Walmart Donation Center, 2720 S Quillian St, Kennewick, 99336 (509-735-7238)
        -Richland Store, 201 Wellsian Way, Richland, 99352 (509-946-4575)
  • Value Village Kennewick, 731 N Columbia Center Blvd, Kennewick, 99336 (509-374-3100)

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