Detention Services
Detention Services provides a 24/7 secure detention facility as well as restorative justice work crew program that serves as an alternative to secure confinement.  The secure facility has a current staffed capacity of 35 beds plus two intake rooms in admissions area.  School program is provided by Kennewick School District.

  • Secure Detention:
    Provides secure detention services for all youth
  • Short Term Transition Program:
    This 30 day program provides evaluation and transition services for up to 5 youth who are sentenced to state institutions but who are eligible to serve their sentences in a state group home.
  • Medical/Physical Health Services:
    Provides medical assessment and treatment for all youth booked into detention.  Provides ongoing medical assessment and intervention for youth housed in the detention facility.
  • Mental Health Services:
    Provides assessment, intervention, service coordination and transitional planning for all youth booked into detention who are in need of mental health services.
  • GED/Day Reporting Program:
    Provided by Kennewick School District in the visitation area of the detention facility for older youth whose history is indicative of an inability to return successfully to a regular or alternative school program. Interlocal Agreement Between Benton and Franklin Counties and Kennewick School District # 17
  • Work Crew:
    Provides a Restorative Justice based alternative to detention for low risk youth by developing, managing, and supervision work projects in the community where adjudicated youth can work off detention time by service to the community.
  • Graffiti Abatement Project:
    Contract with local jurisdictions to provide youth work crews to eliminate gang graffiti in those communities.
  • Detention Volunteers: 
    Please complete the attached Detention Volunteer Application Packet


    Benton County    620 Market Street    Prosser, Washington 99350
    Phone: (509) 786-5710 or (509) 783-1310
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