Budget Documents
The County Commissioners' primary duty is to levy the taxes to operate the county and to adopt a balanced budget for each calendar year.  The Commissioners fix the budget amount for each department of the county, but variances and increases can be permitted during the year if extraordinary circumstances can be shown.  Other elected officials in the county are responsible for their own adopted budget and the County Commissioners are responsible for the operation of budgets under the control of appointed department heads.

Also within their legislative capacity, the Commissioners are responsible for adopting, amending and repealing all county ordinances (which are essentially laws of the county).  These include traffic, zoning, planning and public safety ordinance

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    2019-2020 Final Budget Doc Cover   

2017 - 2018 - Final Biennial Budget    2015-2016BudgetCoverSheet      2013-2014 Final Budget Coversheet
2019-2020 Final Budget
2017-2018 Final Budget
2015-2016 Final Budget
2013-2014 Final Budget  
2011-2012 Final Budget Coversheet      2010 Final Budget Coversheet
 2009 Final Budget Coversheet

2011-2012 Final Budget
 2010 Final Budget   2009 Final Budget   

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