Personal Property
Personal property is all movable furniture, fixtures, machinery, farm equipment and consumable supplies used by anyone who owns, operates, or conducts business in Benton County. Existing accounts receive a new personal property listing each January showing equipment that was reported and assessed the prior year.  Those businesses then update their personal property listing and return it no later than April 30th.  The county does not grant extensions for filing a personal property listing after the due date.

New accounts are discovered through field checks, telephone directories, city generated reports and a report provided by the Washington State Department of Revenue.  Once the account has been established through our office, an assessment notice will be sent to the business noting purchase year, cost, and depreciated assessed value of all items on record. If you have a new business, or are planning to start one in Benton County, you are required to contact the personal property department at the Assessor's office so that the appropriate paperwork can be sent to you. To have a personal property listing mailed to you please email us at .

Many types of personal property are exempt from taxation.  These include household goods and personal effects not being used in operation of the business. If those items are being used in operation of the business, they are considered eligible for assessment and taxation. Other personal property that is exempt from taxation includes: custom software, livestock, inventories held solely for resale, motor vehicles/trailers licensed for road use, and intangible personal property.  There are also personal property exemptions as allowed by the state.

Additional information is available in the publications Personal Property Tax, Personal Property Valuation Guidelines, and Industrial Valuation Guidelines that are prepared by the Washington Department of Revenue.


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