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GIS Department
This web map is provided by the Benton County GIS Department. This is a great place to start if you are looking for basic mapping information.

Landmarks & Services
Use this map to find notable attractions and facilities within Benton County. While extensive, please note that this list is not exhaustive of all possible landmarks and services.

Election Department
Use this map to interact with and view boundaries related to elections and voting. Supporting data includes various districts, zoning, and school data, among others.

Zoning and Land Use
This map is filled with zoning, planning, land use, and environmental resource data. Check the tabs at the top of the page to navigate through the different maps offered.

Public Works Department
This GIS web map is provided by the Benton County Public Works Department. This is a great place to start if you are looking for basic mapping information. *New* Added the ability to view ROW documents and mylars with links on the map header.

Soil and Contours
This map shows Benton County soil data sourced from NRCS. Click on an area to see a pop-up description of the soil for that location. When you click on an area be sure to click the arrow on the pop-up to navigate through all data selected. Zoom in closer to activate contour data.

Road Approach
This map contains all of our past and present road approach information for Benton County.

Report a Problem
Please use this app if you notice
any obstructions or hazards on a Benton County roadway. 

The Public Works Department collects monument locations throughout Benton County with a survey grade GPS device. This map displays all of the monuments we have recorded thus far.

Property Variance
Use this map to generate a property variance along with a custom report. You will have the option to export a map, CSV file, or a report which contains a combination of a map and tabular data combined in one document.

The Trails of Benton County
The Trails of Benton County is a collaboration between GIS staff, the Friends of Badger Mountain, Tapteal Greenway, and local photographers, created to provide an interactive map of the trails we hike. You can now explore how the elevation changes along the trail, details about the hike, and information about parking and accessibility. While there are many social and known trails not included on this map, these trails are identified by Benton County and maintained seasonally.
Property Value Analysis
We've created a web app which will allow you to easily view and compare property values based on a parcel's color shade.

Household Hazardous Waste
Collection Sites

We've developed an interactive map to find drop off locations and information about how to dispose of materials properly.



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