For Family and Friends of Clients

Is my loved one/friend in jail?

The Benton County jail maintains jail registers that should be updated daily.  You can search the jail registers (use "CTRL F" for a search dialog box) for anyone's name and see if they are in jail and if so, what charges or warrants are holding them.

The Benton County jail register can be found here (select the "Daily Inmate Roster" link at the bottom of the list).

How do I visit someone in jail, put money on their books or post bail?
Benton County jail:
instructions for adding money to inmate accounts
instructions for visiting or communicating with inmates
instructions for posting bail for someone
Can I talk to my loved one/friend's public defender?
Public defenders often are not able to speak with family members or friends about client cases.  The reason is because the attorney-client privilege that otherwise protects their communications with clients will be violated if they share information with anyone else, even family and friends.  If you have information that may help your loved one or friend with their case, feel free to simply drop it off or email it to their public defender.  A phone directory of all our public defenders can be found here.
I posted someone's bail.  How do I get it back at the end of the case?
If you posted someone's bail, the only time you can get it back is at the end of the case.  The way to do this is to ask the court to "order the bail exonerated."  The Office of Public Defense cannot help you get your bail ordered exonerated. However, as a courtesy only (and specifically not as legal advice), we have prepared a sample order you can use as well as instructions in English and Spanish.

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