Shoreline Advisory Committee (SAC)

The Shoreline Advisory Committee is made up of rural residents, property owners, ports and irrigation districts, public and state agencies, farm and natural resource interests, tribes, recreational users, and interested parties.  The SAC meets the 2nd Thursday of the month at the Benton PUD, 250 N. Gap Rd, Prosser, WA @3:00-4:30pm- County residents and interested parties are encouraged to attend.

SAC Participation Agreement
Revised SMP Update Schedule (1/15/2014)
KMZ map file for Google Earth (In .zip format)


SMP Review DRAFT Sections for August 8th Meeting,
Further revised DRAFT SMP Sections from May 9th Meeting, 
Further revised DRAFT SMP Sections from June 13th Meeting, 
Revised DRAFT SMP Sections from July 11th Meeting, 
SMP Public Access Focus Group Summary 5_30_13

Revised DRAFT SMP Sections from May 9th Meeting,
Revised DRAFT SMP Sections from June 13th Meeting,
July's DRAFT SMP Sections
Revised DRAFT SMP Sections from May 9th Meeting,
June's DRAFT SMP Sections
*Revised Preliminary SMP Goals: Working Document/ Clean Document  
Draft SMP Outline,
Preliminary SMP Goals(*see revised above)


SMP-orangesun Most Recent Meeting Materials

October 9th & 10th Public Forums-Draft SMP

June 5th & 6th Public Forums
April 11th- Community Questionnaire Open House Summary

January 9th and 10th- Regional Public Forums Presentation
January 9th and 10th- Regional Public Forums-Meetings Summary

Preliminary Shoreline Analysis Report

The Shoreline Analysis Report provides a planning level of analysis to understand existing environmental and built conditions and used to translate those findings into SMP policies and regulations for those uses and modifications that are under the jurisdiction of the SMP.


Shoreline Inventory Map Folio

The Shoreline Inventory Map Folio displays available map information that could be readily gathered from local, state, federal and other sources.  The map folio is subject to change, and the County welcomes your feedback and additional information.  The map folio is being used to develop the analysis of shoreline ecological functions, land use and public access.  The map folio and the analysis report will support County efforts to update the Shoreline Master Program based on these local conditions. 

Background Information:


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