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It is mandatory for attorneys practicing in Benton County District Court to electronically file pleadings and documents. (Local Rule BGR 30) 

  * E-filing is only available for District Court cases.*

Who could e-File?
At the current time, only attorneys admitted to the practice of law in the State of Washington and their legal assistant(s) can e-file. 

How can I e-File?

 Before you can e-file, you must register. 

Verify your access.

  • Submit two test documents. After receiving your login information, please submit a one-page document and a multi-page document (specify clearly on each that they are TEST DOCUMENTS). Once your documents are filed and processed by the Court, you will receive a confirmation email. If the email does not arrive in your inbox, please check your junk mail. If the email does not arrive in either your inbox or junk mail, please let us know at district.court@co.benton.wa.us.

After receiving confirmation from the court, you are ready to e-file.

Is there a required file format?

Only PDF, TIF or TIFF file format is required. Please be sure your documents are legible with clear images before e-filing. Documents that do not meet these requirements will not be accepted.

What time can I e-file?

Documents can be e-filed between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday, except legal holidays. The e-file system time is set by the Benton County's system time  .Anything that does not download from the FTP site before the 4:30 pm cut-off will be downloaded the following business day at 8:00 am.

E-filers are responsible for making sure that their documents have been fully downloaded to the Court before their deadline.  The downloading of document takes time. E-filing documents at 4:28 pm may or may not download before the court cut off time.

How do I upload documents?
       *Note:  Each pleading should be e-filed separately.

Once your documents are filed and processed by the Court, a conformed copy will be emailed to you. Please be sure that your primary email address is listed at the bottom of your filing documents. Conformed copies will only be emailed to your primary email address. If your e-filing is not accepted, you will also be notified by email. Please be sure that your email provider allows you to receive emails with attachments of 25MB in size and larger. 

What documents should be e-filed?

Generally, all pleadings and documents related to an open court case, new cases and answers to writs of garnishment. 

Summons & Complaints 
1. Prepurchase your case numbers by online payment of your filing fee(s) at www.bentontix.com or by mailing a check. 
2. Once your payment is processed, your new case number(s) will be emailed to the email address you have provided.
3. E-file the documents w/the newly acquired case numbers, separating documents with case caption headings (Summons, Complaint, Military, etc).

What documents are NOT accepted through e-filing?

Foreign judgments
Original wills
Certified records of proceedings for purposes of appeal
Negotiable instruments
Bail bonds
Documents presented for filing during a court hearing or trial
Documents of foreign governments under official seal
Bench copies for the judicial office

How do I pay the associated fees? 

New District Court cases can be e-filed after the filing fee has been paid and a case number has been issued. Please indicate the case numbers and e-file a copy of the payment confirmation.

To obtain a civil case number, call District Court at (509) 735-8476 option 7

Filing fees can be paid online with nCourt:  www.bentontix.com

 E-File Tips


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