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U-Visa or T-Visa Law Enforcement Certification

The Benton County Sheriff's Office is committed to protecting and serving all victims of crime, regardless of citizenship status, documentation or language ability.

A U-Visa is a temporary visa allowing immigration protection for victims of qualifying crimes who are helpful to law enforcement in the detection, investigation or prosecution of criminal activity.  T-Visas provide immigration benefits to victims of trafficking.

A complete U-Visa application must include a signed law enforcement certification form (Form I-918B) from a law enforcement agency where the crime occurred.  This certification form confirms victim cooperation with the law enforcement investigation.  Without law enforcement certification, the U-Visa will be denied.

If the incident(s) occurred within the Benton County Sheriff's Office jurisdiction, applicants can submit their completed I-918 documents for certification to the Benton County Sheriff's Office.  The Benton County Sheriff's Office does not grant or guarantee a U-Visa or any other immigration status by signing a law enforcement certification. Only USCIS (the federal component of DHS responsible for approving and denying immigration benefits and status) may grant or deny a U-Visa after a full review of the petition.

In accordance with SHB 1022 and Chapter 7.98 RCW, the Benton County Sheriff's office shall respond to victim requests for law enforcement certification forms for U and T Visas:    

  • Upon affirmative determination, the Benton County Sheriff's Office (BCSO) shall review the completed Supplemental B form and sign the law enforcement certification.
  • BCSO shall process the certification within ninety days of request, unless the victim is in federal immigration 5 removal proceedings, in which case BCSO shall execute the certification no later than fourteen days after the request is received.
  • BCSO shall not disclose personal identifying information, or information regarding the citizenship or immigration status of any victim of criminal activity or trafficking who is requesting a certification. 

For more information on the process and forms required, please visit  http://www.uscis.gov/I-918

Forward requests to the following address:
Benton County Sheriff's Office
Attn: Sgt Linda Finley
7122 W. Okanogan Place, Bldg B
Kennewick, WA 99336
Email:  BCSORecords@co.benton.wa.us

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Language and Legal Support
If you need assistance in another language, the Benton County Prosecuting Attorney's Office has advocates who speak Spanish. They can be reached by calling 509-735-3591. 

For assistance with U-Visa or T-Visa application process you can contact the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project. See their website for details:  https://www.nwirp.org/get-help

Additional Resources:
Safety and Access for Immigrant Victims Program


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