Revenues & Expenditures
These documents provide links to detailed monthly and end-of-year revenue and expenditure reports for the Benton County Public Safety Sales Tax, starting in 2015. If you have any questions regarding this information, please contact the Benton County Communications Coordinator at (509) 222-3760 or via email.

Gang & Crime Prevention Initiative Programs: Monthly Reports & Invoices

Monthly invoices and detailed reports for each of the  Benton County Gang & Crime Prevention Initiative Programs are available on our website here.

2020 Revenues & Expenditures

January Revenues
    January Expenditures
February Revenues
    February Expenditures
March Revenues
    March Expenditures
April Revenues
    April Expenditures
May Revenues
    May Expenditures
June Revenues
    June Expenditures
July Revenues
    July Expenditures
August Revenues
    August Expenditures
September Revenues
    September Expenditures
October Revenues
    October Expenditures
November Revenues
    November Expenditures
December Revenues     December Expenditures

Archived Revenues & Expenditures


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