Background & History

The Legislature adopted legislation in 1997 ( RCW 82.14.370) providing certain counties like Benton County the authority to impose the sales and use tax rebate for the purposes of financing “public facilities serving economic development purposes in rural counties, and finance personnel in economic development offices.”  Soon thereafter, Benton County adopted Ordinance 332 in 1998 first establishing the program and fund that would evolve into the RCCF of today.

Since 1998, the RCCF has developed in three distinct phases:

Phase 1: 1998-2002
During the early years, the County had a disbursement policy whereby cities and ports received funds for economic development and capital projects. The following eleven projects were funded for a total of $2.1 million:

 Dale Ave Extension
Port of Benton 1/28/00  $    150,000
 Dale Ave Extension Port of Benton 6/10/02 457,995
 Water/Well Acquisition Port of Kennewick 3/1/01 126,995
 Water/Well Acquisition  City of West Richland  4/30/01 126,995
 Okanogan Pl Extension City of Kennewick 6/6/00 126,995
 Okanogan Pl Extension/Realign Quinault Ave City of Kennewick 8/29/02 126,995
 Okanogan Pl Extension/Realign Quinault Ave City of Kennewick 10/2/02
 East Prosser Industrial Park (water/sewer) City of Prosser 6/16/01 126,995
 North Prosser Business Park (water main) City of Prosser 10/15/01 189,929
 Kennedy Rd Realignment & Interchange Loops City of Richland  1/16/01 126,995
 Continuation of Water/Well Acquisition Project City of West Richland
City of Kennewick 
10/14/02 189,929
 Expansion of Municipal Water Supply System City of West Richland 12/1/01 189,929
 TOTAL  $  2,129,681

Phase 2: 2002-2016
In January 2002, the County and Cities of Kennewick, Prosser, Richland, and West Richland agreed to use the RCCF to repay a portion of the bonded debt that financed the expansion of the Benton County Jail and District Court facilities.  All RCCF funds during this time were dedicated to servicing this debt. 

Phase 3: 2016 Onward 
In 2016 it was determined that sufficient funds had been reserved to retire the Jail debt. The County and cities terminated their debt participation agreement, therefore allowing for the remaining RCCF balance to accumulate and to be put toward other economic development projects in accordance with state law.

For more information on our current projects, visit our  Current Projects tab.


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