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The mission of the Benton County Gang & Crime Prevention Initiative (BCGCP Initiative) is to improve the quality of life for the residents of Benton County by reducing the incidence of gang-related and other crime in Benton County. This Initiative will achieve its mission by providing resources to support the program efforts of third-party partners that have the reduction of gang-related and other criminal activity as a primary goal.

Resources to be provided will primarily be in the form of financial support through opportunities for in-kind, data-sharing, expertise, technical assistance, or administrative support resources to be considered if appropriate and allowed by law.

2019-2020 Monthly Invoices & Reports
Each month, programs submit invoices, supporting financial documents, and narrative reports to the Communications Coordinator. The links below provide a PDF document of each month's reports for all programs.

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2019-2020 Gang & Crime Prevention Programs

Benton County Nurse Family Partnership (NFP) 
The Benton County Nurse Family Partnership (NFP) is facilitated by the Benton-Franklin Health District. The program introduces vulnerable first-time parents to public health nurses, who deliver the support to new parents to have a healthy pregnancy, become knowledgeable, responsible parents, and provide their children with the best possible start in life. NFP has been recognized by a number of groups including the Office of Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) as an Exemplary Model Program. The RAND Corporation has shown that for every one dollar invested in NFP there is a long term return on investment of over five dollars as there is decreased crime and social service dependence for the highest risk clients. Funding continues to support resources for Public Health Nurses, Social Workers, supplies, travel, and training for the Benton County Nurse Family Partnership.

2-Year Program Budget (2019-2020): $609,338.10

All 2019 Nurse Family Partnership Invoices & Reports

Boys & Girls Club Kennewick Club Operating Costs & Equipment
The Boys & Girls Club Kennewick Clubhouse is a new club located in the middle of a neighborhood that is facing many challenges, serving low-income, at-risk students within walking distance of Park Middle School, Kennewick High School, and Amistad Elementary School. Funding would support resources for staff, supplies, training, youth programs, and furniture to serve the students that will attend the club.

2-Year Program Budget (2019-2020): $400,000 for Operations; $100,000 for Equipment

All 2019 Kennewick Club Invoices & Reports

Boys & Girls Club Prosser Teen Program
Funding continues to support the Boys & Girls Club Prosser Teen Program, which has seen a 40% increase in teen attendance in the past four years, and provides support to low-income, at-risk teens throughout the Prosser community to increase youth graduation, academic performance, and attendance while reducing gang involvement or potential gang involvement. Funding supports resources for staff, supplies, training, youth programs, and other operational expenses to serve the Prosser Teen Program.

2-Year Program Budget (2019-2020): $150,000

All 2019 Prosser Teen Program Invoices & Reports

Step Up
Step Up is a program facilitated by Chaplaincy Health Care, and assesses at-risk youth at intake for anti-social and criminal behaviors and are enrolled in the 11-week session. Adolescents and their families graduate after successfully completing the program. This program works closely with Benton and Franklin Counties Juvenile Justice Center to get referrals, but also has a goal to reach youth and families before they enter the criminal justice system to prevent criminal behavior among at-risk youth. Funding continues to support resources for staff, supplies, training, outreach, and community education to serve the Step-Up Program.

2-Year Program Budget (2019-2020): $79,340

All 2019 Step Up Invoices & Reports

All in for Kids
All in for Kids is a program facilitated by Communities in Schools of Benton-Franklin and seeks to reduce and eventually eliminate gang and other criminal activity for young people in Benton County by targeting at-risk students at six schools that have the highest needs. These six schools will have a site coordinator to collaborate with the school team to address issues with chronically absent students, students with poor grades, behavior issues, or needs not being met. Funding supports resources for staff, supplies, training, special events, and programming to serve the All in For Kids program.

2-Year Program Budget (2019-2020): $236,156.16

All 2019 All In For Kids Invoices & Reports

Forge Youth Mentoring
Forge Youth Mentoring seeks to serve young people ages 8-18 in Benton County to provide a one-to-one mentoring relationship that will help youth identify purpose, resilience, basic life and social skills, and create stronger academic and job preparedness. According to FORGE Youth Mentoring, these programs provide a safe and effective setting for kids’ growth and adults to serve. Programs that follow the national proven standards of the Effective Elements of Practice are shown to make a significant difference in the lives of young people. Kids regularly meeting with an adult mentor for an average of one hour a week are: 52% less likely to skip school, 46% less likely to begin using drugs, 32% less violent crimes, 27% less likely to begin using alcohol (BBBS Making a Difference, 1995). Other studies show further impact on the lives of students in regard to emotional health, school work, relationship to adults, etc. Funding supports resources for community development and training, quality assurance and evaluation, marketing and promotion of the program, staffing, and additional supplies.

2-Year Program Budget (2019-2020): $90,000

All 2019 Forge Youth Mentoring Invoices & Reports

Kiona-Benton Crime Prevention Program
The Kiona-Benton Crime Prevention Program is facilitated by the Kiona-Benton City School District and seeks to reduce and eventually eliminate gang and other criminal activity for young people age 14-21 in the Benton City area of Benton County. Specifically, this project will be target young people who have dropped out of public school or who are in danger of dropping out of school and connect them with an advocate to help them access necessary mental or medical health services, and educational and vocational resources. Funding continues to support resources for staff and a parenting class.

2-Year Program Budget (2019-2020): $88,888

All 2019 Kiona-Benton Crime Prevention Program Invoices & Reports

Mirror Ministries Human Trafficking Outreach & Intervention
The Mirror Ministries Human Trafficking Outreach and Intervention program provides outreach, prevention, and intervention services to at-risk populations, specifically those persons victimized or at threat of being victimized, by domestic sex trafficking. Over 100 victims have been served, with more than one-third of clients affiliated with a gang in their trafficking. Funding continues to support resources for staff and educational resources.

2-Year Program Budget (2019-2020): $130,000

All 2019 Mirror Ministries Invoices & Reports

My Friends Place Homeless Teen Shelter
My Friends Place is Southeastern Washington’s first safe overnight teen shelter and 24-hour drop in center for homeless teens. My Friends Place also provides food, showers, homework help, laundry facilities, clothing, school
supplies, and access to services to any homeless youth in the community. Funding supports resources for increased staffing needs at the My Friends Place Homeless Teen Shelter.

2-Year Program Budget (2019-2020): $400,000

All 2019 My Friends Place Invoices & Reports

Building Resilience Through Family Support
Building Resilience Through Family Support is a program facilitated by Partners for Early Learning, and provides home visitor support to high-risk families with young children, ages birth-five years, in high-poverty areas within the Richland School District. This program focuses on preventing gang and crime by using research-based principles to build resilience within the family, mitigate toxic stress, promote school readiness, and connect families to community resources. Funding continues to support resources for staff, curriculum and supplies. Contract Amendment 1

2-Year Program Budget (2019-2020): $133,814

All 2019 Building Resilience Through Family Support Invoices & Reports

Support, Advocacy, & Resource Center (SARC) Engagement Specialist
Benton County was approached by the Juvenile Administrator, Prosecuting Attorney, and SARC staff after the original Public Safety Sales Tax RFP had concluded to propose that an Engagement Specialist position be paid out of PSST. Currently, this role is filled by a part-time Juvenile staff member. SARC has agreed to have this position become part of their staff as a full-time position, still housed at Juvenile Justice Center, and provide services to youth that have been victims of sex trafficking. Funding supports staff costs, training, supplies and travel, and supervision of the position. An amendment to this agreement was approved to clarify the budget to correct a clerical error, which resulted in an excess allocation of funds.  Contract Amendment 1

2-Year Program Budget (2019-2020): $123,560

All 2019 SARC Invoices & Reports

Veterans Forum 
The Veterans Forum’s mission is to have a coordinated community response to veteran offenders through collaboration with the veterans’ service delivery system and the criminal justice system. The program provides a means to successfully restore and reintegrate veterans by supplementing the traditional criminal justice system by using veteran mentors and veterans’ services and benefits to address medical and emotional needs, restore self-respect, and provide veterans with tools to lead a productive and law-abiding life. This Forum works in conjunction and collaboratively with the newly-established Benton County Veterans Court.

2-Year Program Budget (2019-2020): $99,498

All 2019 Veterans Forum Invoices & Reports


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