Guardianship Training

Effective July 22, 2011, House Bill 1053 has amended RCW 11.88 and 11.92 and will require additional steps to petition for guardianship or to have your annual reports approved. 

For Persons Seeking Appointment as Guardians:

1.  Proof of Completion of Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) online guardian training ( must be filed with the petition to establish guardianship.  

2.  All letters of Guardianship issued after 7/22/11, will have an expiration date.  Annual reports must be submitted within 90 days of the anniversary date of appointment so the report can be approved before letters expire.

3.  The following forms must be completed and filed within 90 days from date of guardian appointment:
     a.  Designation Standby Guardian
     b.  Notice of Right to Request Special Notice

4.  A Guardianship Summary information form must be included in any Order Appointing Guardian/Successor Guardian.  If an attorney is representing the petitioner, he or she will prepare this form.

For Existing Guardians

1.  When submitting an annual report (Periodic Personal Care Plan or Guardian's Report & Accounting) a guardian must submit proof of the AOC online training ( OR submit a Petition & Order waiving training.  (One time only, not required annually.)
2.  After this year's Order Approving is signed, take it to the Clerk's Office, Room 300 and have new letters of guardianship reissued.  There is may be a charge consistent with the re-issuing of letters. 
3.  A Guardian Summary must be provided in all Orders Approving Report & Accounting and Care Plans.



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