Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is your Contact Information and Operating Hours?

Our office hours are Monday-Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM.  We are closed 12:00-1:00 PM for lunch.  We have two locations:


Kennewick Justice Center

7122 W. Okanogan Place

Kennewick, WA

Phone: 509-735-3591; Fax: 509-736-3066


Benton County Courthouse

620 Market Street

Prosser, WA

Phone: 509-786-5608


Do you Give Legal Advice?

We do not give legal advice. We handle criminal cases and suits against the County.  Benton-Franklin Legal Aid Society can be reached at 509-734-9840.


May I Speak with a Prosecutor?

There are more than 20 prosecutors that work in our office, please have your case number ready so we may direct you to the right person.  Unfortunately, prosecutors are in court many hours of the week and can be difficult to reach.  We will be glad to put your call through to their voice-mail so that you can leave your name, case number and contact information.


Will a Prosecutor Speak with me if I am Represented?

Legally, the prosecutor cannot talk to you if you have a defense lawyer.


When is my Court Date?

You will be sent a notice from the Clerk’s Office when your court date is or you may contact them directly:
Superior Court Clerk’s Office at (509) 735-8388
District Court Clerk’s Office at (509) 735-8476


Does your Office Handle Fines or Bench Warrants Resulting from Failure to Pay Fines?

Our office does not handle payments of fines or show case hearings.  Please contact the appropriate clerk's office.  Superior Court Clerk at 509-735-8388 or District Court Clerk at 509-735-8476.


If my Case Number Begins with a K or R, is this Handled in Your Office? 
Case Numbers that begin with a K or R are handled by the City Attorney's Office.  The Kennewick City Attorney's phone number is (509) 585-4274.  The Richland City Attorney's Phone Number is (509) 942-7382.


How Do I request Discovery on a District Court Case? 

Please come to our office with a written request for discovery with your name, citation number and contact information.


Can I Reset my Court Date (in District Court)?

Contested hearings can be reset one time only.  Please call District Court at 509-735-8476.  You will be sent a new pink notice from District Court with your  new court date and time. Otherwise, contact your defense attorney.


How Do I get a Restraining Order Filed?

If you are a victim associated with a case in our office, we will be glad to assist you with this.  Otherwise, please contact the Superior Court Clerk's Office at (509) 735-8388.  They have paperwork to fill out and file.


I am a Victim of a Crime, How Do I Press Charges Against Someone?

Call your local police department (Richland, Kennewick, West Richland) or the Benton County Sheriff's Office.  Once they receive the information on the case, it will be sent to the Prosecutor for review.

Where is the Child Support Division Located?

Child Support is located in the Prosecuting Attorney's office on the second floor of the Justice Center.  Please contact them at (509) 735-7316 with any questions.


How Do I get a Conviction Vacated?

If you want to get your juvenile conviction vacated or sealed, please contact the Juvenile Justice Center at (509) 783-2151. If you want to get your adult conviction vacated, please contact a private criminal attorney in the phone book.


How Do I get my Gun Rights Restored?

Washington State law governing relief from firearms prohibitions is contained in RCW 9.41.040 and RCW 9.41.047. If you believe that you are eligible under the law for restoration of your firearms rights, you may petition either the court that entered the order prohibiting you from possessing firearms or the superior court in the county where you reside.

A firearms rights restoration packet may be obtained from either the Prosecutor’s Office or the Superior Court Clerk’s Office. You may submit a completed firearms rights restoration packet to the prosecuting attorney’s office for review. When submitting a packet to the prosecuting attorney’s office, please ensure that the packet is completely filled out and includes all appropriate documents.


I have a Warrant for my Arrest.  How Do I Take Care of This? 

If you have a defense attorney, please call your defense attorney for advice.


If you are an adult and have new charges pending and do not have a defense attorney, call the jail at (509) 735-3787 or turn yourself into the jail.


If you are a juvenile and have new charges but do not have a defense attorney or do not know who it is, call the Juvenile Justice Center at (509) 783-2151.


If you have a warrant for failing to pay your financial obligations, (fines, restitution, and/or attorney fees), you should contact Superior Court at (509) 735-8388 or District Court at (509) 735-8476.


How Long After a Prosecutor Receives a Case Until Charges Can Be Filed? 

The prosecutor has no set time limit to decide when and if charges will be filed.  If someone is in custody on a 72-hour hold, the prosecutor has 72 business hours to file charges.  If no charges are filed within business hours, the person will be released.  However, this does not prevent charges being filed at a later date.


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