Getting Out of Jail

Posting Bail

During normal business hours (8am-4pm) bail must be paid directly to the court that has jurisdiction over the case.  After normal business hours or when the courts are otherwise closed bail may be paid in cash at the jail.


People posting bail must bring cash for the exact amount of the bail required to the after hours jail entrance, change can not be made.  Parties may also contact a bail bond company for this purpose if the case qualifies for a bond.  This entrance is located to the left of the mail jail lobby entrance.  Assuming all other conditions of release have been satisfied it usually takes between 1-2 hours for the inmate to be released once bail has been paid.


All questions about bail refunds should be directed to the courts.



We are not authorized to provide anyone (except the inmate themselves) with release dates.


Anyone sentenced to 2 days or less in jail will serve 24 hours in jail for each day, being released at approximately the same time as they entered the facility.  Anyone sentenced to more than 2 days will generally be released between 7AM and 8AM on their scheduled release date.  Inmates are given the opportunity to call someone for a ride if they would like before being released.  Also, there is a Ben-Franklin Transit bus station across the street from the jail.


Inmates will be released in the clothes that they wore into jail along with any property that was being held by the jail.  A check will be issued to any inmate with a positive balance remaining on their account upon release.


If you are a crime victim and would like to be notified when an inmate is being released please register with the Victim Information & Notification Everyday service, also known as VINElink.



The Benton County Jail is not able to release scheduled transport information to anyone.  If your inmate is transferred to Washington State Department of Corrections (Prison) then any property left behind must be collected within 60 days or it will be disposed of.


As with releases, crime victims can register to be notified when an offender has been transferred to another facility by using VINElink.


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