Paternity & Child Support Division

The Prosecutor contracts with the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS)/Division of Child Support (DCS) to handle paternity cases where establishment of paternity is necessary. Determination of paternity involves interviewing, filing a lawsuit  against possible fathers, pretrial motions, interrogatories, DNA tests, guardian ad litem reports, trial and/or entry of a judgment.

The Prosecutor also contracts with DSHS/DCS to locate non-custodial parents and enforce payment of their legal child support obligation. If the non-custodial parent resides out of the area, the procedure can be initiated through the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act. Other states and other countries have agreed to reciprocally handle child support cases when one of the involved parties reside there.

The Prosecutor may also opt to file contempt or criminal charges against a person who is not paying his/her child support obligation.  The Prosecutor also will, when requested by DSHS/DCS, appear in dissolution cases to protect money that is owed to the State of Washington.


The Paternity & Child Support Division consists of the following attorneys:

Tim Skeels

Clarissa Fraley
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