Benton County has a uniform addressing system across the County. This is the result of a state law mandating that all addressing jurisdictions enact addressing systems that conform to state Emergency 911 standards.  Addresses are not determined or issued until a building permit for a residence is issued. Vacant property is not addressed.  Some documents, such as Short Plats or Subdivisions, may show a temporary address (indicated with a T before the numbers). These addresses are not official and are subject to change when you apply for a building permit. 

Your Address
  • Is designed to conform with the state E911 mandate.
  • Is designed to insure that all addresses are uniform, sequential, and logical.
  • Meets post office mail addressing guidelines.
  • Helps emergency response vehicles find your structure in case of an emergency.
  • Consists of uniform address fields:

EXAMPLE: 123456 E 421 PR SE

    123456 - Building number
    E  - Directional (east, north south, west)
    412 - Private Road number
    PR - Private Road designation
    SE - An additional quadrant directional (NW, SW, NE, SE) assigned to private road addresses. The quadrant directional appears after the road type "Private Road" (PR).

It is essential that you utilize your complete address when using your address.



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