State Environmental Policy Act

Environmental Checklist  
and State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) Determinations

The term "SEPA" stands for the State Environmental Policy Act. When you apply for any permit requiring a SEPA review, you will have to complete an environmental checklist and submit a project proposal to initiate the SEPA process. The checklist contains questions about the natural environment (earth, air, water, etc.) and the built environment (traffic, schools, noise, etc.) of the site. The questions on the checklist apply to the entire project - including future plans for development.

Whenever Benton County issues a determination on a checklist in accordance with the State Environmental Policy Act, we are required to notify the public.  One of the ways we are giving public notice is to publish these determinations on our website.  

If you have any questions or need further information regarding these determinations please contact our office at (509) 786-5612. 


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