Title 11 GAL Registry

Below you will find the link for the current Title 11.88 (Guardianship) GAL Registry.  The Title 11.88 GAL Registry is provided for reference only; do not have a GAL appointed on a guardianship case prior to contacting Court AdministrationAlso, please note that GALs must be listed on this registry in order to accept cases in Benton and Franklin Counties.


For Title 11.88:

Per RCW 11.88.090 and Local Guardian Ad Litem Rule 5, Title 11.88 GAL appointments from the Guardianship registry are made on a rotational basis. Title 11.88 GALs are listed in alphabetical order and appointments are made in that order.  If you need a Title 11.88 GAL, please contact Lindy Bare, GAL Registry Manager, at 509-736-3071 Ext. 3389 or [email protected] for a list of names of the next three GALs.  You are then responsible for contacting the GALs in the order provided, securing a GAL and informing Court Administration of who accepted the case.


Click “GAL FAQ – How Do I Get a Tile 11 GAL Appointed” for more information.


For a current list of Title 11.88 Guardians ad Litem click here


For Minor Settlements:

Settlement GALs are not required to be GALs from our registry or appointed by Court Administration in a certain rotation.  Any local attorney with the necessary knowledge and experience can be appointed as a settlement GAL.


If you have questions or need additional information, please contact Lindy Bare, GAL Registry Manager, at 509-736-3071 Ext. 3389 or [email protected]


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