Comp Plan Amendments

Comprehensive Plan Amendments


Amendments to the County Comprehensive Plan are made once annually.  The application date for proposed amendments is December 1st of each year for the following year’s amendments.  Proposed Amendments can have several origins.  An owner of property within Benton County can propose them.  The Board of County Commissioners can direct that amendments be processed, perhaps but not necessarily upon recommendation of the Planning Commission, or a citizen interest or property group. County Planning Staff can recommend amendments.  Amendments can be the result of legislative changes in the law.  Amendments to Final Urban Growth Areas (UGAs) will be cycled only once every five years.  



Comprehensive Plan Amendment Application

Expansion of Urban Growth Area (UGA) Comprehensive Plan Amendment Application

Inventory Spreadsheet Application Addendum


The applications received will be reviewed under the requirements of SEPA (RCW 43.21C) and evaluated for Comprehensive Plan compliance using the “Comprehensive Plan Amendment Evaluation Criteria.”  Benton County Planning Staff will prepare a staff report on the proposals with a minimum of one Planning Commission open record hearing and forward their recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC).  The BOCC will conduct at least one open record hearing to consider and act upon the Planning Commission recommendation.  Final action on the proposed amendments is anticipated by September 1st of the corresponding year.  Notification of the hearings will be published in advance; those interested in receiving a notice by mail or email regarding the above actions may call the Planning Department at (509) 786-5612. 

Current Comprehensive Plan Amendment (CPA) Proposals:

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