Codes, Plans and Policies

Per RCW 36.70B.220 each county and city having populations of ten thousand or more that plan under RCW 36.70A.040 shall designate permit assistance staff whose function is to assist permit applicants. Clark A. Posey has been designated as permit assistance staff for Benton County. For copies of documents that are not on-line please contact the Planning Department at 786-5612 (Prosser) or 736-3086 (Tri-Cities).

The following is a listing of the codes and policies which govern the Planning Department:

 Title 3 Building and Construction
 Title 4 Business Rules and Regulations
 Title 6 Health, Welfare and Sanitation
Title 7 Recreation Areas and Activities
Title 9 Subdivisions
Title 10 Private Roads
itle 11 Zoning
 Title 15 Critical Areas and Resources
 Title 16 Growth Management
 Title 17 Permit Review Process
 Title 18 Coordinating Government Regulation of Land & Natural Resource Use

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The following ordinances have been adopted but are not yet codified into the Benton County Code.

Adopted on May 1, 2018 
Ordinance 604 & Resolution 2018-317, adding definitions for “designated Provider, Marijuana, Marijuana Concentrates, Marijuana-Infused Products, Marijuana Processing, Marijuana Production, Marijuana Products, Marijuana Retail Sales, Medical Use of Marijuana and Qualifying Patient” 

Ordinance 605 and Resolution 2018-318 relating to zoning and allowable uses in the Rural Lands 5 acre zoning to delete the words “and marijuana production” 

Ordinance 606 and Resolution 2018-319 relating to prohibition of marijuana retail sales and amending conforming uses regarding marijuana production.  


Adopted 2-27-18 Benton County Official  Zoning Map A-3

Adopted Plans:


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