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The Hearings Examiner will not meet again in 2017.
Our next hearing is scheduled for January 22, 2018. 

Cancellation notice for December 18, 2017 hearing.

Please be aware: January and February's meeting dates have been changed due to the holidays in those months.
January's hearing will be held (if there are enough agenda items) on January 22, 2018
February's hearing will be held (if there are enough agenda items) on February 12, 2018



This item was continued from November 21, 2017 to December 12, 2017 at 6 p.m.  The public portion portion of the hearing was closed and the meeting continued for Planning Commission review and decision making.  Please see the Planning Commission agenda page for the agenda and staff memo.  Click on the calendar events item for Planning Commission and that will take you to the agenda and staff report.

 that public comment will be taken on the  amendments to Benton County’s Comprehensive Plan and development regulations at a public hearing Tuesday, November 21, 2017, at 6:00 p.m., in the Benton County Planning Annex Hearing Room at 1002 Dudley Avenue in Prosser.  The Planning Commission will consider all comments received and make their recommendation to the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC).  The BOCC will then conduct a hearing to consider and act upon the Planning Commission’s recommendation.  See the Planning Commission agenda page for the agenda and staff memo.

a.     2017 Periodic Draft Comprehensive Plan UpdateThe Growth Management Act (RCW 36.70A.130) requires that the County have mandatory "periodic updates" of its comprehensive plan and development regulations every eight years to ensure that they comply with the GMA.  Benton County has conducted a full review of the existing Plan and has eliminated outdated information, streamlined and shortened the plan and updated it to ensure consistency with RCW, WAC, BCC, and other codes and requirements.

For more information on these items please go to our Comprehensive Plan Periodic Update webpage




Notice of Decision


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Benton County Planning Department has determined that Communication Facility CF 2017-001 will meet the necessary criteria contained in BCC 11.65 and that the Planning Director will issue Communication Facility Permit CF 2017-001.  The Communication Facility Application was submitted by Faulk & Foster on behalf of USCOC of Richland and is located at 2808 West Sunrise PR NW in Benton City, legally described as North of Acord Road and West of Horn Road in Section 25, Township 10 North, Range 26 East, W.M. The Planning Director has determined that the proposal to construct a 65’ monopole communications tower within a 44’ x 49’ fenced compound is an allowable use in the Rural Lands 5 Zoning District.  The Planning Director’s decision shall be deemed final upon the date of the mailing of this notice, unless an appeal is filed as outlined below. 

NOTICE IF FURTHER GIVEN that any person with standing aggrieved by the Planning Director’s decision shall have fourteen (14) calendar days from the date the Planning Director’s decision was mailed to file a written appeal with the Planning Director. A non-refundable appeal fee of $100.00 must accompany the written appeal.  The appeal must be submitted to the Benton County Planning Department, 1002 Dudley Avenue, Prosser, WA 99350. 

Any information submitted to Benton County is subject to the public records disclosure law for the State of Washington (RCW Chapter 42.17) and all other applicable law that may require the release of the documents to the public. 

More information concerning this action can be obtained by contacting Clark A. Posey, Assistant Planning Manager at the Benton County Planning Department, 1002 Dudley Avenue/P.O. Box 910, Prosser, WA 99350. You can also reach the Planning Department by calling (509) 736-3086 or (509) 786-5612. 

SIGNED this 4th day of December, 2017 at Prosser, Washington. 
Clark A. Posey,
Assistant Planning Manager


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