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The Benton County Road Department requires permits for road approaches (driveways), oversized loads, and right-of-way encroachments.


Road Approach Permit (Driveways)

Per Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 36.75.130, road approaches fall under the regulation of Benton County. If any of the following apply to your project, then a road approach permit is required:

  • Construction of any dwelling or accessory dwelling;
  • Construction of an accessory building valued at $25,000 or more;
  • Construction of any commercial, industrial, or agricultural structure;
  • Placement or replacement of a manufactured home;
  • Enlarging any dwelling or accessory structure with the value of the addition being thirty-three percent (33%) or more of the current structures value;
  • Enlarging any dwelling or accessory structure’s gross floor area by more than fifty percent (50%), regardless of value; OR
  • Ingress or egress to a County road for commercial, industrial, or agricultural purposes other than temporary approaches.

Here is how to start an application for a road approach permit:

1. Download the guidelines and permit below.

2. Follow the guidelines and complete the permit. Submit to the Roads Department upon completion.

    Submissions can be made by:

    - Email (

    - Mail (Benton County Road Department, c/o Permitting, PO Box 1001, Prosser, WA 99350)

    - Fax (509-786-5627)


Please be aware that there is a 180-day limit on road approach permits and that fees are nonrefundable. If you have further questions, please contact our office at (509) 786-5611 or (509) 736-3084.

 Road approach permit, guidelines, and standards

 Road approach policy


Oversized Loads 

Per RCW 46.44.090, Benton County requires those moving oversized loads on county roads to complete an oversized load permit. A copy of the permit application is available for download below. This completed permit must be submitted a minimum of two (2) working days prior to the time during which you would like to move your oversized load. There is no fee associated with this permit. Please be aware that, by signing the permit, you are assuming liability for damages resulting from the transport of said oversized load. If you have further questions, please contact our office at (509) 786-5611 or (509) 736-3084.


Oversized load permit


Right-of-way Encroachments 

Per Benton County Resolution 72-219 and Resolution 79-220, the Benton County Road Department requires permitting of all right-of-way encroachments. This most commonly applies to utility services that run within Benton County’s right-of-way. A copy of the permit application is available below for download. This completed permit must be submitted a minimum of ten (10) working days prior to the time during which you would like to have the utility work performed.  If you have further questions, please contact our office at (509) 786-5611 or (509) 736-3084.


Encroachment permit




The following documents are not permits, but cover specialized requests that will be processed by the Benton County Road Department. They include right-of-way vacation petitions, franchise applications, and tourist oriented signing requests.


"Owner Will Maintain" Agreement

Residents of Benton County can apply for the option to maintain the Right of Way adjacent to their property in lieu of having County personnel apply Herbicide. Please use the agreement form below to apply for this option.


Owner Will Maintain Agreement


Right-of-way vacation petitions

Residents of Benton County can petition for the vacation of right-of-way adjacent to their property per RCW 36.87.020. If you would like to explore the option of vacating property, we strongly suggest that you contact our office at (509) 786-5611 or (509) 736-3084. The vacation process can be lengthy, requires the writing of a report by the County Engineer (the cost for which is the responsibility of the applicants), and does not guarantee the vacation of the right-of-way, as proposed in the petition. More information can also be found through the link below.


Vacation documentation


Franchise applications

The following application is for a franchise agreement with Benton County. If you are looking to enter into a franchise agreement with Benton County, please contact our office at (509) 786-5611 or (509) 736-3084.


Franchise application


Tourist oriented signing requests

The Benton County Road Department can install tourist oriented signs along Benton County roads. If you are interested in this, please download and complete the application below. Please note that the feature must conform to the definition of a tourist oriented business activity, as described in WAC 468.70.050(f) (see application). The fee will consist of the actual cost of installation or replacement and must be submitted at the time of application. Signs are installed as part of our regular sign maintenance and replacement. As such, it may take up to two to four (2 to 4) weeks from time of payment for signs to be installed. If you have further questions, please contact our office at (509) 786-5611 or (509) 736-3084.

Tourism oriented signage application


County Road Improvement Districts (CRID)

The Board of Benton County Commissioners can, at the request of adjacent property owners, form a county road improvement district (CRID). A CRID is a defined area for which the road(s) are improved to a given standard. The cost of the CRID is paid by the property owners over the course of a given timetable. The consideration of a CRID requires the signing of a petition by at least a majority of adjacent property owners. For more information, please contact our office at (509) 786-5611 or (509) 736-3084.

Would property owners be forced to move property (fences, cherry trees, etc.) outside of the right of way?
Not necessarily.  If the County Commission decides to go through with establishing the CRID, the county will work with property owners to be as minimally impactful as possible.  Property will be moved out of the right of way only if it creates roadside obstacles which are deemed to be unsafe.  Final determination about which roadside obstacles will be moved will occur after the new road has been designed. 

How can property owners calculate the amount to be paid per payment period?
If the CRID is established, payments on the lien will be made yearly alongside the property owner’s property taxes.  Interest on the lien will be accrued annually, and the interest rate applied to the lien will be based upon the municipal bond rate at the time of the formation of the CRID.  Typically, the municipal bond rate is in the range of 3 to 5%, though an exact number cannot be given until the bond is issued at the end of the CRID process.

What happens if I sell my property?
If a property that is part of a CRID is sold, the lien on the property remains with the property.  The amount owed on the CRID does not travel with the property owner who sells the property.  The mortgage lender of the individual(s) purchasing the property will decide how they will require the new property owner to pay on the amount owed on the CRID, either allowing them to maintain the current payment schedule or requiring them pay the amount owed on the CRID up front. 

What will the dimensions of the road and accompanying drainage ditches be? 
Typically a private residential access road of this type will be 24 feet from pavement edge to pavement edge.  This width does not include ditches or gravel shoulders.  Unfortunately, without having a full topographical survey of the area, we are unable to anticipate the dimensions of any potential drainage ditches.   

In the event that the newly established right of way encroaches on a property that is part of the CRID, will the property owners be reimbursed when the property becomes part of the County right of way?
The property owner may choose to be reimbursed for the right of way taking.  However, the value of the property that is purchased for this purpose will be added to the cost of the CRID, and will therefore ultimately result in higher assessment amounts which will be paid back to the County over the life of the CRID.

CRID Petition



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