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Pursuant to RCW 82.14.450(6), 60% of the revenues from the Public Safety Sales Tax are to be retained by Benton County.  Expenditures of Benton County's share of the Public Safety Sales Tax are approved and managed by the Benton County Board of County Commissioners.  This page provides information about those expenditures, as well as the programs, personnel, departments, and projects to be funded by such expenditures.

The remaining 40% of the revenues are to be divided up between the cities within Benton County in proportion to their populations.  Information about the cities and their expenditures, as well as the programs, personnel and projects funded thereby, can be accessed by clicking on the City Updates tab on the left side of this page, and selecting the appropriate city's website link. 

2017-2018 Revenues & Expenditures

 2017 Revenues & Expenditures

January Revenues
    January Expenditures
February Revenues     February Expenditures
March Revenues     March Expenditures
April Revenues     April Expenditures
May Revenues     May Expenditures
June Revenues     June Expenditures
July Revenues
    July Expenditures
August Revenues
    August Expenditures
September Revenues
    September Expenditures
October Revenues
    October Expenditures
November Revenues
    November Expenditures
December Revenues     December Expenditures
2017 Full Year Revenues     2017 Full Year Expenditures


2017 Mid-Year Update


Updates from County Elected Offices and Departments

Unlike city government, many offices in County government are independently elected and managed.  For the convenience of the viewing public, plans are in place to have all Update Reports from County elected offices and departments who are recipients of Public Safety Sales Tax funding accessible from this page. 

  • Commissioners' Office
  • District Court
  • Prosecuting Attorney's Office
  • Public Defense
  • Sheriff's Office
  • Superior Court
  • Superior Court Clerk

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