Public Safety Sales Tax

2018 Update: Community Request Funding Recommendations
On September 18, 2018, County staff presented a funding recommendation to the Board of Commissioners for the community requests received at the May 3, 2018 special board meeting. The recommendation is listed in the table below, and additional information can be found by clicking the image  (PDF Document).

2017 Year-End Report
Click on the image below for a printable, PDF version of the 2017 Public Safety Sales Tax Year-End Report.


May 3, 2018 Special Board Meeting

Presentations given to the Board of Commissioners on May 3, 2018 are available under the  Agendas & Minutes page, or by clicking this link, which will take you directly to the Public Safety Sales Tax May 3 Presentations.


In August, 2014, the citizens of Benton County approved Proposition 14-5, a 3/10 of one percent sales and use tax, pursuant to RCW 82.14.450, applicable to most sales and use registrations, within Benton County.  While the Law and Justice Council was the entity that originally researched, studied, and ultimately proposed this sales tax ballot measure to the Benton County Board of Commissioners, the Council has no role in the policy decisions behind expenditures and implementation of programs relating to revenues from this tax.  Rather, expenditures are managed independently by Benton County and the cities within Benton County, for their respective shares of Public Safety Sales Tax revenue.

This page, and the links within it, provide information about the background and applicability of this tax, as well as the programs and hiring efforts that the tax will fund.

While the Law and Justice Council does not manage the Public Safety Sales Tax, many of its members do manage programs and hiring from its proceeds.  Updates about these programs and hiring efforts are routinely provided at Law and Justice Council meetings.  Please see the meeting page for more information about these meetings which are always open to the public.

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Ballot Measure

Resolution 2014-259 - At the request of the Benton County Law & Justice Council, on March 25, 2014, the Benton County Board of County Commissioners signed a resolution placing a public safety sales tax on the ballot in August, 2014 for voter approval.

Details about the portions of this tax revenue allocated to County and City use, and the progress of projects or hiring funded with the revenue, can be found on the respective Benton County Financial Information and City Information subpages. 


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