Benton County Standard Plans
Standard Plan Name File
Benton County Standard Plans - Complete Set (4.01 MB) Full Set
R-1 Roadway Section - Standard (193 KB) R-1
R-2 Roadway Section - Urban Local Access (178 KB) R-2
R-3 County Road Approach (222 KB) R-3
R-4 Private Road Approach (237 KB) R-4
R-5 Trench Crossing (292 KB) R-5
R-6 Roadway Ditch - Standard (157 KB) R-6

R-7 Cul-de-sac (152 KB)

R-8 Cul-de-sac (151 KB) R-8
R-9 Surface Repair (284 KB) R-9
R-10 Utility Location - Standard (187 KB) R-10
R-11 Fire Hydrant Location - Standard (191 KB) R-11
R-12 Intersection Plan (188 KB) R-12
R-13 Type 3 Barricade Placement (145 KB) R-13
R-14A Monument Case & Cover for Section & Quarter Corners (382 KB) R-14A
R-14B Monument Case & Cover (391 KB) R-14B
R-15 Exfiltration Trench (244 KB) R-15
R-16 Street Sign Installation (212 KB) R-16
R-17 Street Name Signs (286 KB)
R-18 Temp County Road Approach R-18
R-19 Culvert End Section  R-19

Benton County also uses, in certain circumstances, the standard plans and specifications of the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT). These can be found at their website.


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