Weekly Review: Board of Commissioners
Weekly Review -
Posted on Tuesday December 18, 2018
This document is a weekly review of the Board of Commissioners meeting, held on Tuesday, December 18, 2018.
Information related to agenda changes, Consent Agenda, and Public Comment are on the County website.

Main Topics Discussed
Public Hearing: Amendment to County Zoning Ordinance 611 – Jerrod MacPherson, Planning Manager
Benton County Planning Department is proposing a text amendment to the County Zoning Regulations, Ordinance 611. Planning Department Staff has prepared a zoning text amendment to address two (2) minor corrections due to typing errors in the zoning text and four (4) additional amendments which propose a change to the property development standards- maximum lot coverage- in four different zoning districts. Commissioner Small moved to approve the ordinance amendment, Commissioner Beaver seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

Public Hearing: Amendment to Ordinance on Official County Zoning Map – Jerrod MacPherson, Planning Manager
The County recently finished its periodic review of its comprehensive plan and development regulations. A component of the periodic review is the County Zoning Map. The Map was updated in February 2018 to comply with the state requirements. Since the zoning map was updated, the County’s zoning regulations have been amended (September 2018) which established a new zoning designation known as the Red Mountain Agricultural District. The boundaries of this new zoning designation are required to be identified on the County’s Official Zoning Map. Commissioner Small moved to approve the amendment to ordinance on the Official County Zoning Map, Commissioner Beaver seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

Public Hearing: Supplemental Appropriation – Linda Ivey, Finance Manager & Paul Schut, Risk Manager
Per Budget Policy (Resolution 11-793), in order to meet operational needs, the Board of Benton County Commissioners shall maintain a minimum unassigned fund balance range of 10-13% of the year’s (in the case of Biennium, only one year) General Fund appropriated expenditures. Any cash carry forward that would bring the General Fund in excess of 13% may be transferred to: Park Development Fund, Capital Projects Fund, Fairgrounds Operating Fund, and Sustainable Development Fund. A budget supplement of the current year’s expenditures budget is necessary to complete the cash carry forward and must be approved in a Public Hearing. The 2018 cash carry forward is as follows: $100,000 to Park Development Fund; $8,668,000 to Capital Projects Fund; $218,000 to Fairgrounds Operating Fund; and $274,000 to Sustainable Development Fund. Commissioner Small moved to approve the 2018 Cash Carry Forward budget adjustment to Current Expense, Commissioner Beaver seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

Community Wildfire Protection Plan – Deanna Davis, Benton County Emergency Services
The Benton County Community Wildfire Protection Plan has been prepared and issued for consideration and adoption by the communities and jurisdictions of Benton County, State and Federal Agencies, and Local Fire Districts. The Plan is compatible with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) requirements for a Hazard Mitigation Plan and adheres to the guidelines proposed in the National Fire Plan and the Healthy Forests Restoration Act (2003). Commissioner Small moved to approve the Community Wildfire Protection Plan, Commissioner Beaver seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

Rural County Capital Fund Year-End Update – Adam Fyall, Sustainable Development Manager
County staff presented a year-end report on the Rural County Capital Fund. In 2018, there have been three (3) projects completed, four (4) projects still active, and one (1) project pending approval. Two (2) additional projects have been requested and will be evaluated by a review committee in January 2019. Two (2) projects were denied funding in 2018. No Board direction or vote on this matter.

Hanford Communities & Hanford Advisory Board Annual Briefing – Pam Larsen & Bob Suyama
Representatives from Hanford Communities and the Hanford Advisory Board gave their annual briefing to the Board of Commissioners. Hanford Communities had frequent communication with senators and representatives for the area, and discussed issues such as: demolition of the plutonium finishing plant (PFP); K Basin sludge removal; direct feed low-activity waste (LAW); test bed initiative; tour of the 324 mockup facility; upcoming Hanford contract recompetes; National Academy of Science studies; payments in lieu of taxes (PILT) payments; Energy Communities Alliance update; advocacy for issues of local concern; heritage tourism and B Reactor preservation; and Hanford Communities priorities for 2019. No Board direction or vote on this matter.

Agreement w/ Support, Advocacy, and Resource Center (SARC) – Shyanne Faulconer, PR Coordinator; Andy Miller, Prosecuting Attorney; & Darryl Banks, Juvenile Justice Administrator
Benton County would like to enter into a personal service agreement with Support, Advocacy, and Resource Center (SARC) for an Engagement Specialist position, to be located at the Benton Franklin Juvenile Justice Center and serve youth that are survivors of sex trafficking, in the total contract amount not to exceed $247,120.00 for 2019-2020. Benton County was approached by the Juvenile Administrator, Prosecuting Attorney, and SARC staff after the original Public Safety Sales Tax RFP had concluded to propose that this position be paid out of PSST. Currently, this role is filled by a part-time Juvenile staff member. SARC has agreed to have this position become part of their staff as a full-time position, still housed at Juvenile Justice Center, and provide services to youth that have been victims of sex trafficking. Funding would support staff costs, training, supplies and travel, and supervision of the position. Commissioner Small moved to approve the agreement with SARC as presented, Commissioner Beaver seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

2019 Board Assignments - Commissioners
Each year, the Board of Commissioners organizes their assignments to committees, positions, and boards. Board gave direction to staff to prepare an updated resolution for the 2019 Board assignments to be approved at a later date.

Discussion & Possible Signing of Benton-Franklin Fair Association Lease for 2019-2020 – Loretta Smith Kelty, Deputy County Administrator
Staff presented the newly negotiated lease with the Benton-Franklin Fair Association, for discussion by the Board. The Fair Association has accepted that the agreement is for two (2) years, 2019-2020. Included in the lease is the Fair Association’s office space, storage space, and exclusive use of the Benton County Fairgrounds for the month of August to put on the annual fair. The Board continues to support the Fairgrounds operations and improvements, including the annual fair which is put on by the Benton-Franklin Fair Association. Commissioner Small moved to approve the lease agreement with the Benton-Franklin Fair Association, Commissioner Beaver seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

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